Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I had a busy day - working at Pottery Barn and trying to buy skis. There's a ski expo coming to Boston tomorrow that John and I are going to with the mission of buying me boots, binders, and skis but we did some pre-shopping tonite and ended up buying cheap-ish boots and ski pants for me - we figured that doing a fitting at a real ski shop was worth any savings we may get at the ski show. So that leaves skis, bindings, goggles, gloves, ski bag, boots bag, and poles. So appx. $500 left to spends. I'm again amazed by how expensive skiing is - let alone lift tickets. And I thought golf was expensive... Hopefully I'll go skiing a few times this winter to help me feel like the $ is worth it.

As part of our commitment to skiing, Michael has to plan a VT trip that we can go on, and Missy/Tim have to let us come to Tahoe (I know we have the invite but I'm just saying). Ooh, and this brings up the point that I'll have then been to SF twice in the last year, whereas Mr. Marc will have been to Boston 0 times. Zero. You were asking for a call-out on my blog Marc, and there it is. Till you visit, that's the best you get.

Marc if you come to Boston I promise I will bring you to Provincetown. It's super-gay-fun, promise... And feel free to confirm with Michael, he's been there done that.


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