Monday, January 07, 2008

If I hadn't already bought 4 '08 calendars

I'd have a little more justification in buying this one. Alas, I will wait until '09.

Calendars are wicked cute and the company story is, too. Thanks to Daily Candy for turning me onto these...

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Best trip ever

Well, it's slightly exaggerated to say our New Years trip to Denver / Breckenridge was the best trip ever. However, I can confidently say it's one of my top 3 trips in the last 5 years and knowing how much I travel, that says a lot.

While on the trip, we visited Denver for a few days:

They have not learned how to shovel their goddamned city sidewalks:

Then we went to Breck and had some beer for New Years:

And we did some skiing (well, Alicia didn't and I quit early that day):

The complete set o photos can be found on my flickr page.

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My parents are in the middle of buying a new bedroom set as they upgrading from their '70s waterbed. Yes, I said waterbed.

I'm not buying a new bed / bedroom set / mattress anytime soon but if I were, I'd totally buy exactly everything shown above from Restoration Hardware. The sleighbed, the yummy brown/blue, the high count thread sheets.

Now all I need is a maid to make it everyday.


Monday, December 10, 2007


I took the Traveler IQ Quiz after Bejota blogged about it - but let it be knows I forwarded the site to about 15 people after getting the VSL about it this am.

However, I can't figured out if compared to Bejota, I win or not? He's a 104 IQ which seems worse, but also got to a higher final score and higher final level. And I took the North American quiz, if he took a different one can you compare it against mine? I don't know...

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Not gross

I've bought a few of Amy's Organic Frozen Dinners and have been unimpressed, especially with the Indian meals. Blech.

However, the Cheese Enchilada Whole Meal (which means it comes w/ corn and black beans) is quite yummy. In fact, it's on my list to buy again soon.

Amy's has about a bazillion different SKUs so it may be tough to pick out the yummies vs. the ickies, but this was so good I might try...

Sunday, December 09, 2007

This has got to be a record

I hope no one is stalking me, because this clearly lays out where I'll be the next week -- I can't believe my life is so ruled by the Evite. Except that they work SO well. Oh well.

As an FYI, I'll be at gay bible study Wed night -- long story. And no, I'm not a lesbian.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Not quite right timing, but still good...

Aaron Karo presents the Halloween Walk of Shame


Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's going on in the neighborhood?

Tacos are coming to Lyn/Lake thanks to Hector Ruiz of Café Ena and El Meson! Look for them this spring around the corner of Lake Street and Bryant Ave S near LynLake. Let's hope that they put some good veggie options on the menu considering the Uptown area… and its proximity to my house.

Thanks to the Twin Cities Eats blog for this info - good to know something yummy is opening w/in a block of my house - I wonder if it'll go in the Phoenix Games storefront or a different one?

Also mentioned - a sushi place over by the U. If the food is as nice as the design, it should be yummers.

UPDATE: I include the pix of the restaurant to the right - reminds me of sushi places in London.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

No pix but

here's what I've been up to:

Wed night - met M at the Windsor Castle for drinks, then meet Sarah and her BF that own in my condo buildling in Mpls

Th - slept in, shopped at the O2 Centre, was scared that eggs aren't refridgerated in the grocery store here, made pumpkin pie very quickly (who knew their oven is convection and the pie would bake in 20 min instead of 1.25 hours?!?)

Fri - did NOT sleep in, visited LBS, went to Borough Market for lunch (it is AWESOME!!!), Mexican dinner near Trafalger Square, "clubbing" at Carbon on Old Quebec Street (we were 8/18 people there!)

Sat - slept in, grabbed take-away lunch at Paul's Pastry shop (yummy goat cheese/tomato hot pastry), shopped Marlyebone High Street to Oxford Street. Oxford Street was, as expected, a cluster on a Sat in the holiday season but still fun - a Uniqlo just opened there so I bought stuff there and at H&M

Now we're headed to Luton airport (yeah new airport!!!) (was there in April to go to Istanbul) to catch an EasyJet flight to Amsterdam for a mini-trip till Mon noon.

UPDATE: Amsterdam was fun, we had 2 great dinners, saw the Van Gogh and enjoyed some coffee together. Separately, Missy visited the Anne Frank house and Tulip Museum, and I saw the Resistance Museum. Our hotel was fancy for the $ we paid on (thanks Josh!) and we were happy to have a warm haven as it was f-ing cold in Amsterdam.

Monday, I visited the newly remodeled Transport Museum in Covent Garden (opened 22 Nov) and we went to dinner at a fancyish Indian restaurant w/ Eli. It was too spicy so they offered to redo which made me a happy camper.

I awoke Tues morning to Laura (Missy's roommate living in Kate's room) bringing home Starbucks and croissants for the three of us and literally commented, "I could get used to this, maybe I should move here". Maybe?

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Milwaukee Fun

I'm gonna bet $1 that Alyssa and Rachelle are all over going to this with me the weekend we're in Milwaukee. Thanks to Sabatkes for turning me onto it...

Dec 8 West Allis - Winter Wonderland Craft Fair

Approximately 50 artisans and crafters will share their handmade creations at one of the best craft fairs in the area. Fiber, wood, glass, folk art, jewelry, paintings, sculpture, photography, ceramics, dried floral & pre-packaged carry away food items. Booths available: sizes are approximately 8X6. A limited supply of tables and electric receptors will be available and will be assigned as applications are received. 8400 Beloit Road. Event starts at 9:00AM and ends at 3:00PM. For more information call (414) 771-3020.

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Dress up is fun?

I'd call myself a Halloween party pooper. I'm too old to whore out at a college party, but not old enough to have kids who care about Halloween. I'm in Halloween purgatory.

Or so I thought. Look at all these peeps I know who enjoy getting dressed up for fun!

Matt Flores' sisters - Caitie (naughty) and Angie (nice)

My friend Angie from HS - I believe she is a child who dressed herself for the first day of summer camp. Correct me if I'm wrong on that Ang.

Rosita from AKPsi - this is part of her Hooters girl photo shoot so she's actually not headed anywhere in this outfit but I'm guessing she does dress up for Halloween.

Mark, the man who paints himself. He sat by us at Saturday's game and was our friend.

Sally, 17, JCC HS Senior and family friend.

Chelsea (Sally's sister) as "pregnant". You can't fake this shit.

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Bob is s-e-x-y

Since cutting his hair short about a year ago, I have got to say damn, Bob, you've got it going on.

If you want to go to his show at the Varsity Theatre in Dinkytown w/ Alicia and I on Sun Dec 2 at 7pm holla. I've got 4 extra tickets. First come, first serve.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

What more need I say?

Free beer through 11/30.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Fuck yeah

I just heard this quote and heart it:

"Action without knowledge is senseless and knowledge without action is useless."

It's a take on this Abu Batr quote.

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I've not failed to mention my LOVE of Thanksgiving travel and once again am undertaking a major trip next week - this time for Europa. I feel that spending this innately American holiday in the UK is a nice counterbalance vs. the 4th of July (2000) that I celebrate there.

Perhaps this time I'll be the one singing the Star Spangled Banner at a the Shakespere's Head bar and throwing up down my shirt while on my way home on the tube by myself i.e. Alicia circa 7/4/00.

To recap past November fourth Thursday trips:

2003 - Fam visits me in Boston (ok, actually NOT a trip for me but whatev)
2004 - I visit MN for a week over T-Day (again, this only count for 1/2)
2005 - Fried turkey at Alicia's relatives then off to Vegas
2006 - NYC for Thanksgiving week
2007 - Thanksgiving in London (I realize the irony) - with the weekend in smoky Amsterdam

I'll *try* to put some picture updates on flickr before T-day 'o8 but no promises bitches.

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Net net - Europeans are smart, Americans are stupid (and on an unrelated note, fat)

The Strib has an article about underage drinking in today's paper. I very much enjoyed the discussion board regarding the legal drinking age being 21 - my comment can be found as posted at 5:38am on 11/18. So check it out!

PS I can attest that students at the Carlson School do not follow the scenario reflected on the chart below (from this website). I know grade inflation is a problem at CSOM, but not so much that they're giving all their students 'A's that, according to this chart, should be failing out.

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Current obsession #3

If you're not watching 30 Rock, you're an idiot.

  • The lyrics are: Werewolf bar mitzvah, spooky scary... (later) Werewolf bar mitzvah, kooky hairy. That's almost on the level of Weird Al lyrical genius.
  • At the end when they're talking somebody says "this aint no dick in a box". Fantastic

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Saturday, November 17, 2007


I'm hunting for my green clutch purse and a ziploc bag filled with all my gift cards. Last seen appx 2 months ago in my apartment. Any clues or help or ideas of where these things are stashed would be appreciated.

Note: The gift cards in the ziploc are NOT in the green clutch. So they're 2 separate missing items.

UPDATE: After my mom's hints, I looked in the closet where my other purses live for green clutch (not there) and looking in my big turquoise purse for gift cards (nope). Other ideas?

UPDATE #2: This post was originally written in August. Status update: no change. I have still not found the purse or gift cards in my goddamned 760 sq ft apt. Seriously WTF - why have my house elves turned on me and started stealing my shit?!?!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Current obsession #2

My 10 year class reunion coming up in August. I'm on the planning committee (duh) and have spent the last 48 hours creating this reunion website which I think is great fun.

I can't stop checking back to see who has visited since I have access rights behind the scenes :)

Craigslist posting of the day

Searching for the "Uptown Woman" - 34

Date: 2007-11-09, 8:09AM

I have been working in the uptown area for months now doing construction and watch all the beautiful women all over the place. So now I thought I would try this to see if any of you read these.

Me: I am 5'11", 225lbs. Not fat here. drug and disease free. Very short brown hair and brown/green eyes. Nice looking, openminded, educated, and LOVES to please you.

You: The classic blonds/ brunettes from the salon. The artsy alternitave woman with pink and orange hair taking pictures/painting artwork. The BBW waiting for the bus. The runner going somewhere in a hurry. The woman wearing all black and completely covered. The one wearing almost nothing at all. The pierced and tatooed woman. The business woman.

You are all so beautiful. Makes me glad to be a man. Are there any of you wanting to take a chance? Lets chat.

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This doesn't sound right

"There are about 17.2 Million women beer drinkers in the US which makes up about 17.4% of the beer market."

Considering the source is a website that's a pun, maybe this shouldn't be trusted...

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Current obsession #1 - love this TV commercial!

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