Saturday, November 24, 2007

No pix but

here's what I've been up to:

Wed night - met M at the Windsor Castle for drinks, then meet Sarah and her BF that own in my condo buildling in Mpls

Th - slept in, shopped at the O2 Centre, was scared that eggs aren't refridgerated in the grocery store here, made pumpkin pie very quickly (who knew their oven is convection and the pie would bake in 20 min instead of 1.25 hours?!?)

Fri - did NOT sleep in, visited LBS, went to Borough Market for lunch (it is AWESOME!!!), Mexican dinner near Trafalger Square, "clubbing" at Carbon on Old Quebec Street (we were 8/18 people there!)

Sat - slept in, grabbed take-away lunch at Paul's Pastry shop (yummy goat cheese/tomato hot pastry), shopped Marlyebone High Street to Oxford Street. Oxford Street was, as expected, a cluster on a Sat in the holiday season but still fun - a Uniqlo just opened there so I bought stuff there and at H&M

Now we're headed to Luton airport (yeah new airport!!!) (was there in April to go to Istanbul) to catch an EasyJet flight to Amsterdam for a mini-trip till Mon noon.

UPDATE: Amsterdam was fun, we had 2 great dinners, saw the Van Gogh and enjoyed some coffee together. Separately, Missy visited the Anne Frank house and Tulip Museum, and I saw the Resistance Museum. Our hotel was fancy for the $ we paid on (thanks Josh!) and we were happy to have a warm haven as it was f-ing cold in Amsterdam.

Monday, I visited the newly remodeled Transport Museum in Covent Garden (opened 22 Nov) and we went to dinner at a fancyish Indian restaurant w/ Eli. It was too spicy so they offered to redo which made me a happy camper.

I awoke Tues morning to Laura (Missy's roommate living in Kate's room) bringing home Starbucks and croissants for the three of us and literally commented, "I could get used to this, maybe I should move here". Maybe?

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