Sunday, November 18, 2007


I've not failed to mention my LOVE of Thanksgiving travel and once again am undertaking a major trip next week - this time for Europa. I feel that spending this innately American holiday in the UK is a nice counterbalance vs. the 4th of July (2000) that I celebrate there.

Perhaps this time I'll be the one singing the Star Spangled Banner at a the Shakespere's Head bar and throwing up down my shirt while on my way home on the tube by myself i.e. Alicia circa 7/4/00.

To recap past November fourth Thursday trips:

2003 - Fam visits me in Boston (ok, actually NOT a trip for me but whatev)
2004 - I visit MN for a week over T-Day (again, this only count for 1/2)
2005 - Fried turkey at Alicia's relatives then off to Vegas
2006 - NYC for Thanksgiving week
2007 - Thanksgiving in London (I realize the irony) - with the weekend in smoky Amsterdam

I'll *try* to put some picture updates on flickr before T-day 'o8 but no promises bitches.

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