Friday, November 24, 2006

I wish turkey only cost a nickel...

It's been a fun time in NYC so far - I've got to say that taking a trip over Thanksgiving weekend is quickly becoming my favorite thing to do. My recent Thanksgivings include:

2003 - Fam visits me in Boston (ok, actually NOT a trip for me but whatev)
2004 - I visit MN for a week over T-Day (again, this only count for 1/2)
2005 - Fried turkey at Alicia's relatives then off to Vegas
2006 - NYC for Thanksgiving week

It's nice to be in NYC for a full week because it give more time to fit stuff in, and being w/ my fam allows me to not stay out till 4am and get wasted thus, more productive daytime. Maybe not as fun, but nice.

Cousin Adam joined us in NYC b/c 2 full days of travel back to Pierre is not fun. He's a nice addition because he's agreeable, is good at directions, and helps minimize fighting between my immediate family members.

So far highlights include:

* Meeting Michael and getting to see his REEEALLL FAAAANCY apartment. 2 thumbs up - and he and Glenn have an extra bedroom so they can accommodate guests - right, Michael :)

* Ellis Island Immigration Museum - real fun but takes most of the day

* Fab restaurant recommendations per Let's Go - all have been muy bueno

* Hotel that I'd highly recommend - Hotel Belleclaire. the 2 queen bed room is $200/night w/ 4 person occ - one bed 2 occ is even cheaper - it's at 77th and Broadway 2 blks to the train and it's REAL nice for the price. I also am a big fan of the neighborhood - lots of fun shopping and restaurants. Ooh - and a fridge in the room - a big plus in my opinion...

* We got to see Letterman tape last night - fun for me b/c I'd never been to a show taping before, fun for my parents because they are religious Letterman devotees...

* Deja Vu - it got a bad review in Time Out New York but I thought it wasn't too bad.

* Transportation Museum - the history of the subway wasn't all I expected, but I set the bar pretty high. I'd still give it a solid 3.5 stars, though - even w/ the trek to Brooklyn to see it.

I've gotten to drink Yeungling (x4) and Harpoon Winter Warmer (x2) and am trying to coordinate getting some w/ me back to MN. F-ing no liquids on a plan rules...

Tata, I must go fetch tickets for Broadway. We're sending the boys to an Islanders game - w/ military ID (thanks Adam) tix are deeply discounted the day of the show :)


At November 26, 2006 11:49 AM, Anonymous Kerry Wild said...

Uhh... I'm not a highlight? I know this was posted before our anal-rific night on Friday, but bitch please! Probs because seeing me was THE highlight of your trip, OBVI!


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