Monday, January 07, 2008

If I hadn't already bought 4 '08 calendars

I'd have a little more justification in buying this one. Alas, I will wait until '09.

Calendars are wicked cute and the company story is, too. Thanks to Daily Candy for turning me onto these...

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Best trip ever

Well, it's slightly exaggerated to say our New Years trip to Denver / Breckenridge was the best trip ever. However, I can confidently say it's one of my top 3 trips in the last 5 years and knowing how much I travel, that says a lot.

While on the trip, we visited Denver for a few days:

They have not learned how to shovel their goddamned city sidewalks:

Then we went to Breck and had some beer for New Years:

And we did some skiing (well, Alicia didn't and I quit early that day):

The complete set o photos can be found on my flickr page.

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My parents are in the middle of buying a new bedroom set as they upgrading from their '70s waterbed. Yes, I said waterbed.

I'm not buying a new bed / bedroom set / mattress anytime soon but if I were, I'd totally buy exactly everything shown above from Restoration Hardware. The sleighbed, the yummy brown/blue, the high count thread sheets.

Now all I need is a maid to make it everyday.