Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Sorry to repeat a headline (I'm no Bejota) but again, I'm surprised.

"The Mall of America continues to attract more tourists each year than Disney World, the Grand Canyon and Graceland combined."

That just seems silly. Downright silly.

But, that hasn't kept 3 nightclubs (loose definition of the word) from closing there. Since I don't think starting a bar tour at Hooters is my idea of a good time, I'm leaning heavily toward starting at the Chevy's right by the mall before heading to Fort Snelling's Officer's Club. Oh yeah.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


A bouncer at a classy establishment in St. Cloud, the Red Carpet, suffocated a man he was keeping out of the bar. I'm surprised this could happen without the bouncer realizing what was happening.

I do believe this is the same bar where my HS friend Alex got tackled after showing a fake ID and then wanting to keep it rather than surrender it. He ran off and got tackled by a big bouncer. Same bouncer?

Monday, August 29, 2005

Good idea?

Initially, I thought it would be fun to watch ESPN Hollywood - a new show on ESPN2, obviously created to snag more women into their audience. I'm never home in the early evening to watch, so I don't have a strong opinion about how the show turned out. But it sounds like something I'd like - sports celebrities meets the E! Channel.

Then I read that Mario Lopez will be a co-host. Really? Last time I saw him, he was hosting a "Dumb Animal Tricks in America" type show on the Animal Channel. I can't believe your career can get ressurected from that...

PS If you have a chance, read Mario's IMDB profile. A strange array of crappy shows.

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Best candy bar ever

This launched almost a year ago, and I think Hershey's has done a crap job of marketing/advertising the product. As Amy can attest, it is so good. It hits the spot, and I wish I could eat one every day. If you haven't tried one, buy one today. They're in Target and finally getting everywhere else...

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Sunday, August 28, 2005

I could watch all day

A number of Bravo shows interest me, including:
  • The Law Firm - lawyers compete while trying REAL cases. That's cooler than the Apprentice showcasing new products from major corporateions, which got old quickly.
  • Being Bobby Brown - what a fabulous show. They are SO crazy. Makes you feel a lot more sane, but also poor.
  • Kathy Griffin - I like her and the show is a bit quirky but fun.
  • Project Runway 2 - I know Alicia blogged about her excitement for this - I'll echo that. Not sure when season 2 starts but sooner than later would be better.
Once again, I wish I could pick and pay for cable - rather than having to pay for all the crap channels I never watch. Bravo would be on my list.

Today's trivia

Did you know that Jonathan, salon owner spaz from Blow Out, is connected to the Pussycat Dolls? His sister, Robin, is the choreographer of the Pussycat Dolls. I think I told someone she is actually in the group but that's not true - she's just the choreographer.

So don't tell me I never correct myself.

Today's obsession

Kanye West's Gold Digger. Mesmerizing to watch and listen to.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Is this really necessary?

I like the idea of beds you can rent at the airport - little train-like compartments you go in, nap while waiting, pay for the use, etc. I like the idea (though not quite as well as nail salons in airports).

But this, too much. I like power shopping, sometimes it makes me tired. And causes me to get coffee to wake me up. But a nap center at the Mall of America? It's BS. The dorky name for the "store"? Even worse.

Like I don't live here

I'm watching "Around Town" on the local access channel, and am totally loving it. I'm a dork.

I found out about the CW Lofts - I've never really seen them or heard about them. I should do a drive-by for fun.

I found out how expensive the Calhound Beach Club apartments are - silly.

I learned about Dino's Restaurant - it looks very good. Maybe while I'm at the MSF I'll stop by their Falcon Heights location. I've been craving a Greek Salad lately.

I'm becoming my mother

My mom called into public radio a few years ago and was on the air. Today, I joined the ranks.

I submitted a question online to NPR related to the "Weather Guy" on the 11am show broadcast live from the Minnesota State Fair. I'm a nerd.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Have I been living in a cave?

Or am I just dumb?

How did I not know Mandy Moore and Zach Braff are dating? Last I knew she was with Roddick, and he's Punking Donald Faison.

PS If I could find a decent picture of them, I'd post it.
PPS Thanks Star for alerting me to their relationship. Again, what would I do without it?

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The correct answer - University of Minnesota

Possible A: Howard. Morehouse. Spelman. Emory.
Q: What school does the Miss Black USA 2005 attend?

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Isn't that the guy...?

Is it just me, or is the star of the Capital One "We always say NO!" commercials with David Spade (remember the one when the guy calls to complain, and David Spade says "I'm the guy in the yellow shirt" and then the complaining guy chases the yellow shirted girl voiced guy around the office?) also the guy starring in the new Pringles commercials where he's setup a taste test in a grocery aisle and the guy says he likes the can, and then he takes the bite out of the Pringles can?

I haven't been able to get the guy's name so I can stalk him but if it is indeed the same man, that makes me crabby. Don't be the spokesman or star in commercials for more than one brand. Also, don't have the same song/jingle for more than one brand. I'm a fairly intelligent, and it tends to both confuse and annoy me - and think of how many Americans are dumber than I am...

Dr. Strangelove

Weird news of the day:
  • Another plane crashes. This time - South America. So now what do you think Marc - you have to fly Soviet, Greek, or Peruvian. Which of the three would you rather?

Top 10 Party Schools

published August 23, 2005
1. University of Wisconsin-Madison
2. Ohio University, Athens
3. Lehigh University in Pennsylvania
4. University of California, Santa Barbara
5. State University of New York at Albany
6. Indiana University-Bloomington
7. University of Mississippi
8. University of Iowa
9. University of Massachusetts-Amherst
10. Loyola University New Orleans


UPDATE: Per Bejota's request, rankings are based on survey responses regarding alcohol and drug use, hours of study each day, and the number of students in fraternities and sororities. More dets in the full article. PS I like the "we work hard, we play hard" comment in the article. That guy is a tool.

Monday, August 22, 2005

The final countdown (duh duh duh duh, da da dat da da)

Just 3 days till the Minnesota State Fair begins. Yipee! You know how much I love the fair, it's true. If all goes as planned, I'll be working 9/12 days of the fair this year for Julie's company, I htink it will be fun, especially if the weather is as nice as it's been the last few days. I'm taking just 3 days off: for Sarah's bachelorette party, the James Taylor concert, and the Light Rail Bar Tour. 9 days of fun at the fair, 3 fun nights with friends/beer. Not a bad plan for the next 2 weeks.

PS please note that 2 weeks from today will be Labor Day. F me, how did summer go by so quickly? I guess leaving for a month helped speed up Labor Day but still...

Sunday, August 21, 2005

JT playing with Snoop

Last month I reported that JT has been busy playing with Snoop, as evidenced by the video he was starring in. Except then I realized that the video isn't on in the Estados Unidos... I tracked it down - the song if Signs, Snoop Dogg f/ JT and Charlie Wilson (whoever that is?).

I wonder when this will make it here? Do songs/videos always release in Europe a month plus earlier than here?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Like whales humping

Did you know this is how the space shuttle gets from Cali to Florida when it lands in an alternate place? Seems like a lot of work. Also, are you a big surprised by how "small' the shuttle is?

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Friday, August 19, 2005

Word of the summer

Snarky. Michael already declared it his word of the summer, now CJ is using it in her column (the first word of the article). I'm not using it much and might now, but I'll still declare it the word of the sumer.

Michael's definition isn't quite on according to the Urban Dictionary.

Chevy Chase

If you visited me while I lived in DC, you'll remember how chi-chi my suburb, Chevy Chase, was. As in "Chevy Chase Golf Course" where the Bushes and Kennedys had memerships. Fancy. I'm glad to see they're fighting against McMansions - it's a very pretty city and while over the top with pretty old houses, just doesn't need more big, new houses. Very interesting article.

PS Can anyone tell me the correlation between Chevy Chase the actor and Chevy Chase, MD?

Hammer Time

OK, it's not Hammer Time, but it is Clinique Bonus time, woo who. I'll preempt a comment by Alicia saying that I don't need any more shit in my house, but I don't care, I heart Clinique bonuses. Coming up...
  • Marshall Field's - August 21 - September 4
  • Von Maur's - September 25 - October 9
  • Younker's (for those of you w/ a Younker's near you) - October 2 - 16
Much to my surprise, there is a department store in the Cities that I've never heard of. Granted, it's in Eden Prairie, not exactly my 'hood, but I've literally never heard of Von Maur's. Per their website, the "Free Shipping and Free Giftwrapping" is their competitive advantage and sets them apart from the rest!

PS You can search for Clinique Bonuses and sign-up for email notices at their website.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Quiz time

What state has the highest ratio of tourism dollar spent to the state's GDP? South Dakota.

That said, NWA is still moving ahead with the cut of one flight from MSP - Aberdeen, SD. From six to five.

Really? Five daily flights to Aberdeen? That seems like a lot. How many people are trekking between these two cities? I'm confused.

What's will be the littlest bar in 2006?

I was sad to read Boston's Littlest Bar is closing :(

Although, if a certain Mr. North was still living in Boston I'd be less sad about it closing because he liked the Littlest Bar so I'd be glad to think of his disappointment in the closing, if that makes sense. I'm mean spirited.

Cub fans

In the last 2 days I've seen 2 "I (heart) my Cub" bumper stickers. I think they're referring to Cub Foods grocery stores, but why you love your grocery chain (unless its Waitrose) is beyond me.

Any insight into this?

UPDATE: Thanks to Heidi for her comment:
Cub had a contest about a year or two ago where you could win prizes if you were spotted with an I (heart) my Cub bumper sticker. I agree, it's ridiculous. I wouldn't even sport an I (heart) my Target sticker. Although, I (heart) my Kenneth may be a possibility...

I'd like to know the depreciation in your vehicle the second a bumper sticker is applied. And if those stating their loyalty for Cub consider the cost-benefit of this versus their chance of winning a (probably crappy) prize. And why 3M hasn't developed an adhesive that would stick on your bumper as long as you want, but then remove without a trace when it's time to remove it, for those of us who are smart/commitment phobic.

What the frog is that?

I'm watching High Fidelity on Comedy Central, and have decided it's certainly in my top 5 list of movies I should own but don't. To do: buy it on

It has all the swears block out, but rather than being silent or beeping, it has substitute words. As in What the frog instead of What the F? It's silly... and much more distracting than the beeps or silence. In my humble opinion.

Later in the movie, people were called airholes. Lame.

Where do you think we met for beers?

My 4-H friend Kris (far right) was in town from New York tonight so, surprise, we went to Rudolph's for beers. Since Kris was staying in Roseville tonight, and others meeting us live in St. Louis Park, Rudolph's was the obvious central location.

Speaking of friends, let's talk about the six degree of Laura. My friend Alicia is friends with Ghetto Dave whose cousin Joe is friends with Woody (not his real name) who is friends with a couple of girls who are friends with Shadia who I know through Kris. She is pictured above in the middle. Strange, eh?

Additionally, Kris' college friend is the cousin of Nick Tobkin who met Shadia when they both attended his cousin's wedding. I know Nick from AKPsi. Shadia and Nick are dating. Random, eh? She was all like "Do you know Busta, I mean Jason Busta?" and "Ooh, I know Tony and his girlfriend Krista. Do you know them?" It was downright silly. Shadia didn't need to go to a wedding in podunk SoDak to meet Nick Tobkin, she could've just asked me to introduce her to him ;)

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Headlights are for cars

I like the British twist (gee those Brits are cheeky) on this intimate product.

Life is just peachy

I have a feeling that I'm the only person I know who is excited about Absolut's product line extension. Absolut Apeach. Why am I the only one who likes fake peach flavoring? Y'all like Black Cherry Effin but $1 says peach flavored vodka is icky to you.

PS I'm pissed at Effin for their lack of a website. Some ad agency needs to jump on that...

Roasted Pam

Pamela Anderson was roasted by Comedy Central and it aired last night. I found it quite entertaining - did you watch? A few things to note:
  • Courtney Love was a mess. She was very Anna Nicole Smith-like when she appeared on an awards show and was a drunk whore.
  • My favorite joke (can't remember who it was or I'd give them credit): "You know who I love? Andy Dick. People might question if he's gay but I know he's straight. You know - because he just proposed to Katie Holmes last week..." Funny.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Super freaky

Dear Xcel Energy,

I know we spoke a couple of times today and while you maintain that there is no correlation between my phone call to you at noon and there being no power in my apartment when I got home at 10pm, I'm having trouble believing that. You see, I think that your systems are screwy - i.e. I called in June to have my account set-up, but as of today, I hadn't gotten a bill yet. That's kinda screwy, don't you think?

Being the honest person with a less than perfect cash flow situation, I figured that it behooved me to call you and start getting a bill sooner than later so I didn't owe you $400 by the time my first bill showed. When I spoke with your customer service representative at noon today, she repeated, "hmmm, that's strange" as she reviewed by account and tried to figure out what was up. After being placed on hold for 20 minutes, she informed me that they weren't sure why my bill wasn't setup correctly - usually the computer flags strange things and then a real person reviews them but for my bill, it didn't flag anything but then didn't set me up as it should have. Strange, eh? But I was assured that everything's fine now - all done.

Oh, but wait. I was a less than happy camper when I arrived home tonight and found that my light switch didn't work. Nor did anything else in my apartment. My building manager's wife no habla Ingles (actually she no habla Espanol either) so she wasn't overly helpful. I put 2 and 2 together and figured out that there might be a correlation between my phone call earlier and the lack of power in my aparment.

However, I was surprised when you told me on the phone that you had no idea why the electricity wasn't on in my apartment - there wasn't a shortage in my area. (No shit - I can hear the TV on in the apartment across the hall.) And when I raised the question of the correlation between today's call and the lack of electricity in my apartment, you agreed with me that it certainly was a coincidence. While I tried to believe you, something in my head (read: my brain: common sense department) said I shouldn't.

I actually really do thank you for your help in guiding my through the steps to check the meter downstairs - because it was better than the offer for your servicemen to stop by "sometime soon" and possibly charge me for that service call. After I flipped the switch that had mysteriously been moved, yipee! I've got power restored.

I understand that you accept no blame in this incident, and since I have power right now I'm not super crabby, but really, Mr. Xcel, I find it a little strange that this happened. I might call it super freaky - I had to check behind my shower curtain to make sure there wasn't a man waiting to kill me.

There wasn't. But I'm still a little freaked out.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Baby got back

Don't lie - the Target back to school tv ad featuring a remake of Baby Got Back into the "buy your fun back to school gear at Target" jingle is addictive. You want to record it and replay it over and over and over. If you hear it on the TV when you're in your kitchen or bathroom you run to the TV and hope you don't catch it.

I heart remakes of children inappropriate songs into catchy jingles.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Word of the Day

Claustrophilia. Makes sense, right? Does this work with every phobia I wonder?

Macy*s Sucks

I used to think Macy's was fancy - mostly because I knew little about them - just that they were a Manhattan store, and they were steeped in history. When Macy's opened at the Mall of America, I found out it wasn't all that great.

After living in Boston, I realized it sucked. Crappy store, crappy brands, crappy feeling. I was sad in Boston that there wasn't a store between Saks/Nieman and Macy's/Filenes. Like, for instance, a Marshall Fields :)

Now that they're looking at changing MF to Macy's, it's sad. Here's an independent website featuring a petition against the name change. I like the idea of the website, but at the same time - I'm not AS concerned about the name change as I am about the store changes.

If they could simple change the name but keep everything else the same, great!

But the stores will get icky, the brands I like will go away, they'll start installing ugly ugly icky carpet, and have appx. 8 people working in each store. All things I hate, and will make me stop shopping there.

PS They're talking about this on the radio, and David Brennan, a professor at CSOM/St. Thomas that I took a class from, is on NPR. Another famous connection (he wouldn't remember me though, I'll note...)

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Jon Stewart = most trusted...

NPR today spoke about the relevance of news anchors in today's age - necessary or no? The topic comes with Peter Jennings death, and reminded me of the forum discussion Alicia and I attended in December at the JFK Center. While they went back and forth on the topic, they reported on something I found notable.

In a recent poll, Jon Stewart was found to be the most trusted news anchor on TV.

Sounds good to me, I agree. Makes sense. Not entirely surprised this is something NPR would report.

But then, the guest starts making fun of this. On the order of, "Well, the Daily Show is on the Comedy Show, that means his show isn't factual, it's comical. And shouldn't be trusted by the American public. This is just like when people vote based on what SNL skits show."

Wait, wait, wait NPR. Hold your horses. Why don't you watch the Daily Show before you start spewing that Jon Stewart is full of shit and not to be trusted? As his viewers know, though he obviously has a left tilt, I still think he often has more truth in his reporting than any of the news stations report. I know - it's "The Daily Show - Fake News!" But it's really not all that fake.

And trusting someone doesn't mean I act based on what they say. I just believe that when Jon gives an opinion it's his. Does this make sense?


I agree with VH1 - celebrities just do it better. I spoke with a local celebrity today who needs a new basement. No disclosure on who it is, but it's a confirmed real celebrity which is better than the miss in May when we thought a Twins player might need a new basement. That one didn't pan out, this one did.

Good times. I love google and the ability to stalk might-be celebrities.

This doesn't even come close to comparing to Natalie practically becoming BFF with Kate Hudson at a concert this weekin SF (or Tahoe?), but oh well, it's the best I can do right now.


I (finally) hung up posters/prints/pictures at my "new" apartment over the weekend. Good times.

I should add this politically charged poster to my fridge.

Monday, August 08, 2005


I shouldn't make fun, but I had a giggle about a good friend of mine (who will remain unnamed) who just moved from Boston to Chicago and first, was surprised a time change occured. But bigger than that, was his/her realization that when they say "10 9 Central" during TV promos, they mean that even though it's on at 10pm in the East and West, it's on at 9pm in the middle of the country.

Yes, CST is another benefit of living in fly-over country.

Why Nebraska?

NBC's new fall lineup includes "Tommy Lee Goes to College" about (duh) Tommy Lee attending Univ. of Nebraska - Lincoln. Why did they pick Lincoln? If this show debuts this fall, is he actually attending classes this fall? Or was it filmed last fall? Am I silly to be confused by the timeline? Doesn't Tommy Lee have anything else better going on in his life than to move to fly-over land?


  • My new trend is to post several times in one day, then ignore my blog for 3-7 days.
  • I am working a lot for an unemployed person. I realize I am not really working that much (50 hours/wk) but people think "ooh, you're unemployed, lucky." It's not all sunning and leisure time. But I'm not totally complaining.
  • I am a Red Sox fan. After going to Saturday night's game, my parents and I were discussing the game Sunday morning. They made a comment about us winning the game, which made me think I was drunker than I thought because I was pretty damn sure the Sox lost the game. Turns out I was right - but when they comment on our team I forget that they're Twins fans and I'm a Sox fan.
  • The ratio of time online:blogging proves true for me. Last week I only had about 3 hours of my work time online, and then at night just checked emails before bed. This resulted in minimal posts. This week, I'll have at least 20 hours of online time at work, we'll see what happens.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Bushy = Euro Trashy?

You might mistakenly think our president is European judging by his month long vacation starting yesterday. That's right - not only has he taken more vacation than any president in history, the spin on the story is "he's working a lot while on vacation at his ranch.".

#1 I want my own ranch - ok make that my own vacation home.
#2 I think all Americans should get 4 weeks vacation. Starting. Standard.

How screwy is it that #1 is more likely to happen than #2 in my lifetime? Crazy.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


Sometimes I feel it when I'm reading the newspaper and there's a comment from one of my college professors - often my professor for my retail class at CSOM is quoted. You know - the feeling that you know loads of people when you personally know someone named in the paper - it's a silly thing to think but it's how I feel.

On Monday as I browsed Sunday's Tribune, I had something even better happen - I found someone quoted who knows ME - this is much more important than "knowing" someone if you think about it, i.e. I know Prince William - what would be exciting would be if he knew me.

So in this article about library systems, the following was printed:
"Like most government agencies, libraries are being asked to do more with less," said Jacob Haas, supervisor of library systems market development for Maplewood-based 3M Co., a big player in the library market. "Especially with the economic downturn, libraries faced tremendous growth. ... Some branch libraries are circulating 1 million items a year."

Snap! I know Jacob. He proceeds to be quoted about 5 times throughout the article. I knew he got moved back to MN from CO, but didn't realize he had been promoted into a "quotable" position. Good work, Jacob.

Monday, August 01, 2005

News from the hood

Christina got to see this first hand this am - Chaos in the neighborhood. I drove by the intersection at 8:40 this am and saw about 20 cop cars and 3 fire engines and a load of traffic backed up at the corner of Lyndale and Franklin.

For all those from Jackson - yes, I do live near the guy that got shot. No, I didn't know him.

Props to Heidi for the email heads up today :)

American Airlines

I must give props to American for their new easy guide section on booking mileage award flights. Here's an example chart for flying out from NYC - it gives a 5 month outlook on what's available and what's not. I likey, but it doesn't show for Mpls because obviously this isn't a big market - but I have a load of miles so I'll have to work out on my own how to use them. Hopefully others will follow suit, we'll see.

No jury duty - I'll take a deposition instead

While I know 99% of Americans bitch and moan about jury duty, I want to get picked for jury duty. To some degree, I think it reminds me of winning a lottery to get picked, but also I truly want to be part of the legal system. I'm interested to see what happens - even if that means sitting in a ghetto room in a courthouse waiting to get my name called. I've heard the bitching from people who got called - I know, it's not that cool, I probably won't get picked, if I do, it'll be no fun. Don't care, just want to try it - I'm curious.

Rather than jury duty, I got to participate in a deposition on Thursday in Redwood Falls. I am getting sued from a car accident I was in in 2001 - that's right - many moons ago. The accident that f-ed up my shoulder but since it was my fault, I'm the one getting sued. I gave my deposition and learned that old people are nuts, and you must say "yes" in depositions, not just nod. I felt like a 3 year old who nods and shakes their head on the phone - but it's harder than you think because you're in a room with people and you forget that you're beng recorded. I got badgered by the other team's lawyer, but ended up doing pretty well, at least my lawyer said. They wanted me to admit I was driving too fast, I refused to admit that (cause I wasn't). If all goes as planned, they'll settle the case this fall, otherwise I'm in court in December. That'd be a pain in the ass (mostly cause it's in Redwood Falls), but more legal system experience for me so I can't complain.

Busy? Like playing office

I seem to have been very busy since I haven't blogged since Wednesday last week. Not quite as much busy as "no internet access at work" which is a killer. I've started working at Nestle Purina in Eagan - where I interned my senior year. I'm the new office manager and totally love it - it's a lot like playing house or school when you were a kid. Except I get to fill out real forms, order real office supplies, and deal w/ important things like filling the supply of soda and candy for the office. I am very important. OK not important but still like it. It's fun to be back in an office - haven't worked at a desk since Feb '04.