Monday, August 01, 2005

No jury duty - I'll take a deposition instead

While I know 99% of Americans bitch and moan about jury duty, I want to get picked for jury duty. To some degree, I think it reminds me of winning a lottery to get picked, but also I truly want to be part of the legal system. I'm interested to see what happens - even if that means sitting in a ghetto room in a courthouse waiting to get my name called. I've heard the bitching from people who got called - I know, it's not that cool, I probably won't get picked, if I do, it'll be no fun. Don't care, just want to try it - I'm curious.

Rather than jury duty, I got to participate in a deposition on Thursday in Redwood Falls. I am getting sued from a car accident I was in in 2001 - that's right - many moons ago. The accident that f-ed up my shoulder but since it was my fault, I'm the one getting sued. I gave my deposition and learned that old people are nuts, and you must say "yes" in depositions, not just nod. I felt like a 3 year old who nods and shakes their head on the phone - but it's harder than you think because you're in a room with people and you forget that you're beng recorded. I got badgered by the other team's lawyer, but ended up doing pretty well, at least my lawyer said. They wanted me to admit I was driving too fast, I refused to admit that (cause I wasn't). If all goes as planned, they'll settle the case this fall, otherwise I'm in court in December. That'd be a pain in the ass (mostly cause it's in Redwood Falls), but more legal system experience for me so I can't complain.


At August 18, 2005 1:46 AM, Blogger Christopher Largen said...

Four years ago? God, that's scary. Now I'm worried I might get sued!


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