Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Isn't that the guy...?

Is it just me, or is the star of the Capital One "We always say NO!" commercials with David Spade (remember the one when the guy calls to complain, and David Spade says "I'm the guy in the yellow shirt" and then the complaining guy chases the yellow shirted girl voiced guy around the office?) also the guy starring in the new Pringles commercials where he's setup a taste test in a grocery aisle and the guy says he likes the can, and then he takes the bite out of the Pringles can?

I haven't been able to get the guy's name so I can stalk him but if it is indeed the same man, that makes me crabby. Don't be the spokesman or star in commercials for more than one brand. Also, don't have the same song/jingle for more than one brand. I'm a fairly intelligent, and it tends to both confuse and annoy me - and think of how many Americans are dumber than I am...


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