Sunday, August 28, 2005

I could watch all day

A number of Bravo shows interest me, including:
  • The Law Firm - lawyers compete while trying REAL cases. That's cooler than the Apprentice showcasing new products from major corporateions, which got old quickly.
  • Being Bobby Brown - what a fabulous show. They are SO crazy. Makes you feel a lot more sane, but also poor.
  • Kathy Griffin - I like her and the show is a bit quirky but fun.
  • Project Runway 2 - I know Alicia blogged about her excitement for this - I'll echo that. Not sure when season 2 starts but sooner than later would be better.
Once again, I wish I could pick and pay for cable - rather than having to pay for all the crap channels I never watch. Bravo would be on my list.


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