Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My oh my

I knew that my friend Maggy was all up in but jeesh - she's #3 for Karma this month - and it's getting to be the end of the month.

Check her out - I like all of her articles and aspire to get more Karma points soon. To be fair, you can also check out Alicia and Matt (please note his user ID #1 - he is the bomb).

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Thursday, March 15, 2007

Decision '08

I've decided that I will get Lasik in 2008. Reasons being:

1. Might as well get it sooner than later.
2. I need to put away FSA funds beginning 1/1/08.
3. How beautiful would life be if I could see.


Maroon and gold wedding

Former Gophers hockey stars Krissy Wendell and Johnny Pohl are planning an August wedding :(


The Otter Part Deux

I met up with Blaine tonight for a drink at the Herkimer and then headed to the Country Bar for a second drink. I had NO IDEA that the Country Bar is pretty much The U Otter Stop Inn. 2 blocks from my house. I am so happy.

Beer was cheap.
The crowd was odd.
Karoke was raring.
Pull tabs were represented.
A collection of strange things are hanging from the walls.

PLUS - there's a full menu. We were there till around midnight and they were grilling up burgers at that point so the kitchen doesn't close early. And Blaine said their breakfast is awesome. I can't wait to have a reason to try it.

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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Herberger's Promotion - take advantage!!!

Wednesday, March 14 – Monday, March 26 earn a 20% off coupon for every piece of apparel or home textiles you donate.

Fragrance, cosmetics, designer apparel, accessories, and home décor rarely (if ever) go on sale! Now’s the time to save on your favorite items and brands.

Coupons received from Goodwill donations may be used from 3/14/2007 to 3/26/2007.

Read the fine print



I thought there was a decent chance Courtney would be on facebook - so I searched by name for him. Here's what came up:

When you think about it, it makes so much more sense that Courtney would look like the girl in the picture than anything else...

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He's a S-T-A-R

Check out the show Michael is in - can you pick him out?

UPDATE: I've had more than one person ask if this is a joke or staged or something. No, Michael really IS a dancer and he really DOES dance in this show on June 9.


Monday, March 12, 2007


Look at the forecast for Winter Park. I'm skiing there w/ all the cool people Fri - Tues!!!

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Drag Queen Bingo - mark your calendar!

If you haven't had the chance to experience Miss Richfield, you're seriously missing out. Her xmas show was FABULOUS.

She hosts Drag Queen Bingo - unforch, the next one is the date of Julie's wedding so that's a no go b/c I'm making my bridesmaid premiere that night, but a few other dates are scheduled:

  • May 5, 2007: Big Top Bingo at Incarnation Church Basement
  • September 22, 2007: Mad Hatter Bingo location TBD
  • November 10, 2007: Peter Pan Bingo at Incarnation Church Basement
It's probably for the best - it looks like a clown theme in May and we all know how much Alicia would freak surrounded by drag queen clowns... Mad Hatter sounds especially nice - perhaps that could be a Brandon/Alicia birthday party event?

Goddamn, I'm bossy.

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Did you know Lawrence Welk was on TV from age 52-79 and is a native North Dakotan?

I'm sure this will win you a bet someday :)


Tinto de Verano

Since y'all have told me you don't actually click through to read stores (damn you're lazy) I post things I think you should read in full context. Here's on of those - my favorite Spanish activity was buying a bottle of cheap red wine and orange Fanta, getting cups and ice from the liquor stores and standing in the town square getting drunk prior to going to bars.

EuroCheapo Blog alerted me to the fact that this tradition, apparently called Botellón could be ending. Hopefully, there's a Facebook group I can join to protest the fall of Botellón :)

Chalk one up for the quiet and calm adults.

The long-treasured Spanish pre-party tradition of the Botellón is a step closer to death. The Botellón—the practice of buying a whole bottle of booze and some mixers and searching out a plaza or street corner to set up shop with friends—has been a favored way to share a few cheap drinks before hitting the pricier clubs and bars of Granada, Seville, and Madrid.

With public drinking comes noise, and the Botellón circuit has attracted no shortage of complaints from annoyed neighbors. In university towns like Granada and Malaga, the weekly Botellón became so huge that city halls could ignore critics no longer. The result? A wave of new laws designed to curb street drinking has come into effect this year.

So, despite massive protests—30,000 strong in Granada, for one example—cities across Spain started cracking down on the gatherings, doling out tickets and fines across the country.

Though beaten, the Botellón is not completely dead. Some cities are designating certain zones as acceptable for the gathering of spirits.

This spring and summer, remember to check with locals before cracking open a bottle in your favorite plaza.

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Sunday, March 11, 2007

This is great

I've been studying this for 10 minutes and here are my observations:
  • Why does St. Louis call it soda?
  • What's wrong w/ Lake of the Woods county in MN? (the hump at the top for those of you who don't recognize one of MN's 86 counties)
  • Alaska seems v. confused, as does the mid-Atlantic.


March Madness

I'm excited to get into a bracket or five - I know less than I usually do about men's college basketball this year but am still excited to get into March Madness. I think I'm going to put in a bracket for Juice's pool, anybody else have one I can join?

Or, I might start my own. If I did, would you join mine? It'd be low stakes - $5 or $10 to get in on it...


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Good thing I was born in 1979...

because that means I went to college before MySpace and Facebook existed.

Had I been born 5 or 10 years later, I'm not sure I would've graduated because I predict I would've procrastinated 100% of college coursework playing on the interweb - as it was I procrastinated appx. 60% of college coursework and the internet was comparitively ghetto when I was in school.

We did have Napster, though.


Clinique Bonus Days

Mark your calendar:

Macy's April 8-22

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Monday, March 05, 2007

Why people have heart attacks shoveling

Damn, there's a lot of snow in Alpha at my parents house. I think my mom said 20 inches? I'm sure she'll correct me in the comments if that's wrong.


Sunday, March 04, 2007

TMI #2

Do you really need to include how many people you've slept with in your personals ad on Craigslist?!?!?

You're all nutters! - 25

Date: 2007-02-21, 11:46PM CST

OK, I'll agree that a controlling portion of men are assholes and/or stupid. After working in a night club last summer, I know for a fact it's true. But allow me to be most likely the first open-minded, intellectually capable, equality-minded male you've ever heard say this. Most women (not all) are completely battshit crazy!

I do not understand either of these trends. On a psychological level men and women are almost identical when we start out. Yes, there are slight differences, but they are slight (a female toddler separated from their mother by a wall will cry while a male will attack the wall for instance).

I would very much like to find a woman who, like me, tends to ride the wire between feminine and masculine. I will love you as long as you'll have me if you can go to a dive bar, drink beer, watch kung fu movies, but absolutely melt when I buy you a pair of vintage Mary Janes and can remember your shoe size. I want to go to my stylist (Erin Flavin, Jon Oulman Salon, go to her, she's fantastic) and have her tell me all the nice things you said about me when you got your hair done last. I want you to challenge me to belching contests. In my perfect relationship, you'll tell me I'm fussing too much over which shirt to wear and I'll tell you you're fussing too much over your hair. I crave balance.

Also, unlike most men, I do not want a nymphomaniac. That, to me, is hell. I can not keep up with someone who wants it five times a day. I will not sleep with someone on the first date. If we really click, maybe the first month. I have dated a lot of women, had a lot of chances, and so far my list is 2. Quality over quantity. I refuse to let something as intimate, as exciting, and as sincere as sex become a constant routine that only lasts 10 minutes.

So, if you are a well balanced woman with a brain who feels comfortable with her whole self and you well and truly do want a sincere, kind, thoughtful, generous, romantic guy and not some pinheaded jock who's tiny brain shuts down if the space between fucks lasts longer than an hour, right here. If you're nuts, stupid, or are more interested in an Adonis than a Plato, then go to the nearest mirror, look into your own eyes, and ask "do I feel good about myself?" But more importantly, please leave me alone.



Do you really need to include all this in your personals ad on Craigslist?!?!?

Do you believe in second chances, do you appreciate honesty - 30

Date: 2007-02-26, 6:59PM CST

I am a convicted felon for drug charges and fleeing an officer. I used drugs for over 10 years and have been sober for two and a half years. I am honest, sincere, good looking, caring, and a gentleman. I made some bad decisions in the past but am a changed man. Since I became sober I have attained my drivers license which I did not have for 10 years.

I raised my credit rating from 450 to 680 currently, and continuing to rise. I have made all new friends and do not involve myself with old social circles. I moved to the city and have been self sufficient for almost two years. I do attend AA a couple times a week.

Like I said I am a good looking, inshape man but probably will not send you a picture on the first email. I prefer active and slender to average woman. I am looking for someone that will accept me for my past but smart enough to realize that life is boundless and any body can overcome and achieve anything they desire in todays world!!!!!!

Can you find any body more honest? Any questions? Are you willing to send a pic?