Monday, September 03, 2007

Who are my real friends?

As Alicia explained, we had a hell of a time securing Paolo/Amy tickets. As a result of the drama, we ended up buying 10 tix between the 2 of us and only needed 4. So, how shall I decide who my/our (since it's Alicia and I that have the extras) friends are that get the extras. And by get, I mean purchase at face value.

  • My initial idea is to do a thing - whoever plays on my blog/facebook/myspace the most is clearly my BFF deserving of a chance at the tickets.
  • Posting them on Craigslist for random Amy/Paolo friends would also be fun.
  • Or else just sending out a mass email asking who wants them and rewarding fast repliers is also appealing.
Your thoughts?

UPDATE: Since Amy is a hot mess right now, the concert has been cancelled, damnit. However, Paolo did reschedule his own concert but our tix got refunded and we weren't offered dibs on the Paolo concert. F-ing ticketmaster.

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Reason #482

not to move to Texas.

There's a city in Texas called Cut and Shoot. I couldn't make this stuff up.

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