Friday, August 19, 2005

Hammer Time

OK, it's not Hammer Time, but it is Clinique Bonus time, woo who. I'll preempt a comment by Alicia saying that I don't need any more shit in my house, but I don't care, I heart Clinique bonuses. Coming up...
  • Marshall Field's - August 21 - September 4
  • Von Maur's - September 25 - October 9
  • Younker's (for those of you w/ a Younker's near you) - October 2 - 16
Much to my surprise, there is a department store in the Cities that I've never heard of. Granted, it's in Eden Prairie, not exactly my 'hood, but I've literally never heard of Von Maur's. Per their website, the "Free Shipping and Free Giftwrapping" is their competitive advantage and sets them apart from the rest!

PS You can search for Clinique Bonuses and sign-up for email notices at their website.


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