Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Queen Elizabeth II

Surprise! The Queen Elizabeth II oceanliner is at port right now in Stavanger, Norway, where I am right now. We came here yesterday, did a minute of sightseeing, then headed to the island of Karmoy where our ancestors came from. The smallish harbor certainly looked different this am when the QEII was parked there... It's massive. I wish they'd sell tour tickets while they're in the harbor - I'd love to check it out...

Aside from that, not much is new other than the trip is almost over. And that the mystery of ''Where is Justin Timberlake?'' is over. He has apparently been recording w Snoop in his offtime prior to his second solo album coming out. Is the video there? It is the #1 song on a countdown ''Top of the Pops'' type thing here... I like the song, go JT.

I'm in transit home all day tomorrow. Hopefully I'll have pictures posted by this weekend?


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