Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Macy*s Sucks

I used to think Macy's was fancy - mostly because I knew little about them - just that they were a Manhattan store, and they were steeped in history. When Macy's opened at the Mall of America, I found out it wasn't all that great.

After living in Boston, I realized it sucked. Crappy store, crappy brands, crappy feeling. I was sad in Boston that there wasn't a store between Saks/Nieman and Macy's/Filenes. Like, for instance, a Marshall Fields :)

Now that they're looking at changing MF to Macy's, it's sad. Here's an independent website featuring a petition against the name change. I like the idea of the website, but at the same time - I'm not AS concerned about the name change as I am about the store changes.

If they could simple change the name but keep everything else the same, great!

But the stores will get icky, the brands I like will go away, they'll start installing ugly ugly icky carpet, and have appx. 8 people working in each store. All things I hate, and will make me stop shopping there.

PS They're talking about this on the radio, and David Brennan, a professor at CSOM/St. Thomas that I took a class from, is on NPR. Another famous connection (he wouldn't remember me though, I'll note...)


At August 10, 2005 11:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would tend to agree with you about the store enviornment in a Macy's. It is a bit like walking into New Jersey in the 1970's (icky). But, Federated did post a very robust quarter of earnings, so maybe Americans like trashy stores. As for the Marshal Field's name, oh well, things change. Are you still lamenting about not being able to fly Pan Am or buy an Oldsmobile?


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