Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Random links

I've found a few of these sites lately and thought I'd share them. I think they are funny, if you are my friend you also will they they are funny...

  • As Bejota helped me "pinkify" my blog, I found this site. I decided if you own any of these items, you are a big big loser. http://www.visibone.com/color/

  • I'm trying to get tickets for the Gophers hockey game when they come to Boston and play at BU. It's showing the game as sold out, but I'm trying to go through Alumni/Gopher sales and see if they have a block of tickets for MN fans at the game in Boston - but I need to find the phone number to call them. So I type in "gopher tickets" at the U's website, and this is what the #1 site is from that search... They need to googlefy their searches I think... http://www.econ.umn.edu/~rolleigh/teaching/1101spring02/HWI.htm


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