Monday, January 03, 2005

News of the Weird

In recapping 2004, I thought this was fun. It's a list of most read news of the weird stores from the Globe's website. My favorite, obviously relating to W, is this one. Second, relating to the Mormons, is this one.

Speaking of the world, I'm watching Michael Collins and want to ask everyone what year Ireland broke away from Britian's rule. Any guesses?

1922. AKA not that long ago. I feel dumb for not knowing this and can only hope that you, my contemporaries, also did not know this.

While enjoying my movie, I am sipping on a coffee drink I made myself using my new espresso maker. I am on drink #2 today and must say #2 is better than #1 but still not great. I think it will take some practice - I need to improve my frothing/steaming skills and my proportions of milk-espresso to achieve optimal flavor. I'll keep working on it and keep you updated :)

Here's a few more bits of HP trivia - this time about movie #4. Check it.

And finally, I know you'll all be happy to find out that I finally found a cute duvet cover for our bed - from Bed Bath and Beyond. Woo who the hunt ends. F Ikea for having the one I wanted but for being out of stock for the last 2 months :( I sure showed them by buying this one instead :)


At January 05, 2005 9:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Laura, let me know how things go with the espresso maker. I've been curious about how those work and wonder if it is something I should have. If they are as good as coffee shop latte's I will have to get one. Keep me posted.



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