Wednesday, January 19, 2005

A PR nightmare even Samatha Jones might not be able to handle

I'm sure the Harvard President, Mr. Summers, has never spoken in front of a large group while drunk. In a setting where what he said could be held against him later. Outside of his Gentleman's Club (the smoking cigars drinking bourbon kind, not the stripper kind). These are the only possible explainations for the comments he made on Monday regarding womens' "innate differences" that limit their performance in the fields of math and science.

I wonder if he's a lot like Dan Hansen because that's the only person I could imagine saying these types of things and then defending himself. In one sense, I grant to Mr. Prest hat he was commenting on others' research, but still - he should've known it would be misconstrued and thus just kept his fat yammer shut.

And on an unrelated note, check our Urban Dictionary. Save it to your Favorites when you want to waste an afternoon at work.


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