Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Car sharing

I like the idea of Zipcar - it's been in Boston since I moved here. You pay a membership fee to below to this group, then you have access to cars to use at an hourly rate - a better deal at $5-15 / hour instead of having to rent a rental car for 24 hours. The idea works well in Boston - you don't need a car to get most places, but it's nice to have one to go on daytrips, Target, the grocery store. You get the idea.

The concept is now coming to Minneapolis in the form of Hourcar. I think it's a great idea but question the viability in a market like the Twin Cities. Aside from U of M students that live, go to school and work all on campus - who else do you know that doesn't have a car? Please list specific examples b/c I literally don't know anyone. I'm worried no one will Hourcar and then Hourcar will go away. Which would be sad even though I don't know anyone who would benefit from this service.


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