Thursday, March 10, 2005

A Caribbean Themed Applebees

I'm not sure if any of you are familiar with Bahama Breeze - I've now eaten there twice for team dinners with my current job. You may know how I feel about chain restaurants (you should never choose to eat at a chain restaurant, only use them as a last resort) with some/several exceptions (Chipotle, Panara, Don Pablo's). I feel like my bias against chain restaurants is justified, even though I do not boycott them all together.

A boycott just may be in place against Bahama Breeze. Don't get me wrong - the food isn't bad but the corporate park locations are sad and the theme makes me depressed. I want to stand on my chair and announce that even though it's a "Caribbean theme" restaurant, it's Applebees food with jerk seasoning thrown on top. Don't rave about the food people - you're lame.

Two images from the restaurant I had to capture and share with you (shown below):

1) The "Hey Mon" sign informing patrons not to crowd the bar while waiting for a table. Please lay off the theme, people.

2) The mouthwash provided in the ladies bathroom. It just made me think of young girl interns/employees and dirty old men. Left a bad taste in my mouth (get the pun hehehe).


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