Monday, March 21, 2005

iDine Updates

So iDine / Rewards Network is changing their style as of July 1 of this year - it's moving to a tiered system. It's definately a bad move... Based on your activity, you'll be placed in a tier (1, 2, or 3) and if you're in the top tier, you'll earn 5 miles/$1 spent, tier 2 is 3 miles/$1, and tier 3 is 1 mile/$1 spent. Definately a downward turn to the program because right now you mostly earn 10 miles/$1 spent :(

For now, to console you, there's a little offer going on:

Register, then dine three times (paying with your card registered with the program, of course) by March 31, 2005 and earn an extra 250 miles. Also make three purchases using the Teleflora’s Flower Club with delivery dates between registration and March 31, 2005, and earn an extra 250 miles. Use registration code 8749.


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