Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Red Lake

So the Red Lake shooting is tragic and awful. Obviously.

My 2 cents on the story:
  • This story was on the news and they said those injured were flown the 150 miles to the Fargo, ND hospital. A girl from my physical therapy office exclaimed "That's weird - being 150 miles from a hospital". Again, leading me to believe that East Coast and West Coast people are dumb and that Mass people just might believe that California is West (right next to West) of MA.

  • Why is it that the shooter, Jeff Weise, is 16 but the picture they post of him everywhere is from when he was 9? Did he really miss school the last 7 years the day of school pictures? It's weird to look at a 9 year old's picture and think of him shooting a gun but actually the 16 year old who killed tons of people could be a teen who looks like the kinda kid who actually is angry and might do something like that. Do you know what I mean?


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