Sunday, March 27, 2005

Skiing in Vermont

I spent the weekend in Vermont with Michael on a ski trip. Where do I even start with recapping this story... Hmmmm.... Let me do it chronologically, my favorite way to organize things.

So Michael and I coordinated our drives to Mount Snow meeting at the Holyoke Mall which was a nice central meeting place in Western Mass. I called the mall ahead of time to see if they'd tow my car for parking overnight and I was pleasantly surprised to find out they'd tow me "if I was parked there for a week" but otherwise I'd be fine. Michael and I laughed because in most of the Northeast, parking for 48 hours would cost $60+ bucks.

The adventure began after we bought $100 of groceries in Wilmington and then began to navigate ourselves to the 4BR cabin Michael had rented for the weekend. It only ended up being the 2 of us on the trip (everybody else bailed and sucks - except Kerry) so we were looking forward to serious bonding time in our own little cabin in the VT woods.

This vision was nearly crushed when we pulled up to the cabin, double checked it was the right house number, and saw a car parked at the cabin. And there was a barking dog. And when we let ourselves in with the key, the house was full of people's stuff and looked like they'd been there for about a week. (they weren't home when we let ourselvees in - cripes, we had a key and it was supposed to be ours). That's not cool...

After a mini-moment of self-doubt that we had the wrong weekend (we didn't), we sought out a land line because, thank you very much Cingular GSM, we were had no service. 5 miles later, we called the woman who owns the cabin and rented it to Michael. When he asks what's going on, she said "Oh, I must've double booked it." (please note the absence of an apology)

Michael: "Well, my friend and I just drove up here from NY/Boston - what are we supposed to do now? It's 5:30pm on a Friday night in the middle of Vermont - what are we gonna do?"

Nancy (dumb bytch): "I'll refund your money."

Michael: (thinking, oh yeah you will, bytch) "But beyond that, what are we supposed to do? We just bought $100 worth of groceries in the car. I'm not from Vermont, I don't know where to get a room, I don't have cell phone service. We don't have a place to say. I just don't understand how this happened..."

(Pause while Nancy talks)

Michael: "OK, we'll call you back in an hour."

The plan is for us to hunt down a place but also Nancy from NY will try to find us a place. Go! So Michael get in the car and have our own version of the Amazing Race. We drive to the main lodge at Mt. Snow, where they tell us they have no rooms at the inn. Or condo or townhouse or hotel room or anything. They refer us to a central booking # that also informs us that there are no rooms. They refer us to another place, same story.

Finally, Michael tracks down Snow Resorts Realtors - they have a 3BR townhouse that's comprable (sp?) to the cabin we originally rented, we decide Nancy will pay for a similar unit for us to stay in for the weekend (price not a huge issue at this point considered we are currently homeless), but that Snow Resorts Realtors close at 7pm so we better hurry. It is 6:30. Go!

The nice lady at the Realtor office fixes us up, cuts Nancy a deal - then Nancy attempts to tell Michael she's only paying for the amount that he originally negotiated for the weekend rental, he corrects her and informs her she will be paying the whole amount for the replacement cabin for us since she messed (which she agrees to) and we get the keys to our newly rented condo. Yipee - by 7:30pm we're moved in with beer in hand.

This is all a huge hassle but it made me think that if there's anyone I'd like to go with (other than a boyfriend) on a 2 person skiing trip originally planned for 10 people, that person would be Michael. We didn't freak out, we just put our planning skills to work. I won't say we didn't have our doubts about finding a room, but everything worked out even better than originally planned because we made a plan and made it happen. Yeah improvisation!

From there, I got drunk on Friday night after made a fabulous dinner and we watched Napoleon Dynamite (of course - Michael's first time though!). Saturday skiing was beautiful - not too busy, not a cloud in the sky, about 37 degrees. It was awesome. I definately exceeded expectations in the skiing department, I did quite well I must say so until Michael tricked me into going down a black diamond with him (Michael I hate you) and I fell. A lot. But virtually unharmed, I kept going until Michael lured me to another hard hill (only a blue but it was a hard blue) and I really toppled down it. This made me hate skiing and be done for the day.

Sat night was lower key but still fun - sketty and garlic bread and The Notebook. We liked it, but would like to request that US Weekly/Star/People put hottie Ryan Gosling in their quality publications more often, we would like more pictures of him (shirtless), please.

Side note: Can you believe Demi and Ashton are having a baby? I thought it was a false rumor but no. Crazy.

Sunday was awesome skiing - Michael and I split up, I did easy hills, he did hard hills. After "the perfect run" (kinda like the perfect cheer from SNL) I decided to call it quits and be done before I fell and left hating skiing. Turns out Michael had gotten hot (warm hot not handsome hot) and also headed in early so we ended up meeting at the base 1 1/2 before our appointed meeting time and we scurried outta there. I was home by 2:30 and missed all the Easter traffic. Yeah.


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