Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Free free free

I like the Wendy's promotion I saw advertised this afternoon - Free Frosty at Wendy's this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. No coupon required, no purchase required, just stop in and ask. I think it seems like a not too expensive promotion to get people through the door and to get people over the finger-in-the-chili incident. Kudos to Wendy's. Q: Where is Wendy's based? I'm looking for the specific suburb. Answer quick.

Did you get your free Frosty? I did on Friday - though I will say it is a mini Frosty. Mini mini. But yummy.

Also, props to Bejota for winning the trivia question. Pat on the back to you - don't bitch about the lack of prize - I'm umemployed and you're a fancy MIT fully employed company man. No prize for you.


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