Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Free miles = free miles

NWA is again doing the Fly Free Faster promotion this summer - be sure to register today so you're qualified for everything (even if you don't think you'll do it - you'll be pissed if you don't register you lazy ass). A few changes I noticed - you have to fly 2 domestic flights over the summer as qualifying activity - not 1 like last year. Also, for the 5 additional activities only 3 are allowed to be from Rewards Network dining - I don't think this was a rule last summer.

I'm excited because I'll be flying internationally this summer on NWA, so all I have to do is dine 3 times (Chevy's makes it easy) and then shop online twice through the NWA mall. 10,000 miles, get ready to join my account. Yippee.

Ooh - a few new NWA enhancements to their service. I like the $25 change fee - Delta has been doing this for a while and I've paid the $25 bucks to get on an earlier flight rather than hoping to fly stand-by. Worth it. Good work, NWA.


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