Sunday, May 15, 2005

Home for the weekend

Sorry to post this more than 48 hours after arriving in Jackson, but here's the announcement that I'm home for the weekend. It's been a pretty lame weekend in J-town (not surprising) but more because I have a cold than that Jackson is lame (well, that's debatable).

The highlight so far has certainly been my family's trip tonight to the Bergen Bar. Bergen, MN population: 10 (maybe?) The Bergen Bar is famous for good burgers, steaks, etc. but I like it for the fact that you can do set-ups. If you're not familiar, you order a set-up (soda), you bring your own liquor. It's fabulous. We brought our Crown in a paper bag, but saw MANY special leather carrying cases especially for set-up bars. Good times.

Does Wisconsin do this? It's done in bars w/ no liquor license, so I feel like it's not done in WI because everybody has a liquor license - do you even need one in WI? I feel like they're "suggested" but not required because that might prevent someone from selling alcohol and getting drunk at any moment - something Wisconsinites strive to avoid.


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