Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I hate...

  • The girl in my class that drinks a can of Diet Coke with a bendy straw. So far 2/2 days. I'll keep you updated.
  • The girl in my class that is obviously a History of Jesus major (except that we're taking a 1000 level class so I don't know why she acts like she's taken 82 classes in the subject already) and keeps making statements during the discussion part of our lecture like, "Well, the gospel of Luke was the last of the 4 major gospels written - it was written 80 years after Jesus' death." And she doesn't say it in a "oh, here's some additional info I'd like to add to the discussion". No, she says it as if to challenge our professor as if he doesn't know this information and she is 'learning' him. So f-ing annoying.

However, I do like something about my class I didn't realize yesterday. There is a boy I think is a U wrestler and a boy I think is a U baseball player in my class. Both are wearing head to toe Gopher gear with the respective teams reflected and have the bodies of the typical athlete in their respective sports, plus they're wearing sweatpants. Personally, I'm wearing a Gopher Hockey tee today but not rocking out with my sweatpants out. I think that sweatpants are a clear indicator you are a player, not a poser. Your thoughts? I seem to remember Stuart and Johnny doing the sweatpant thing every once in a while, but don't have Adam in sweatpants memories.

I'm now going to scour GopherSports.com for these boy's pictures on the rosters. It's hard when I have to look at one from the side and the other from the back but I'll do my best and report back. Too bad I didn't pay attention during roll call yesterday and note down possible athletes names so I could more easily stalk them.

Update: The possible wrestler now has moved over to sit next to girl drinking Diet Coke with a straw. Downgrade.

Second, there is also a possible footballer in the room as well. Wearing gym shorts instead of sweatpants but either way it counts as possible baller.

Third, it is nearly impossible to look at mug shots of the entire FB, Baseball, and Wrestling and try to confirm the identity of classmates to the pictures. F me.


At May 24, 2005 1:30 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Sweatpants are a sure sign you've got the real deal. Upgrade.


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