Friday, May 27, 2005

I heart international travel (and bar tours)

I'm not an expert on international travel, considering I've only been abroad 3 separate trips in my lifetime (I'm not counting Mexico because when you go to American vacation destinations it doesn't count - the depths of the Mexican terrain would count, as would Mexico City in case you're wondering. However, any city which may have been features on E! Wild On or Girls Gone Wild doesn't count).

Anyway, while I may not be an expert, I think I know enough to say that this trip is a damn good deal. The Harpoon Brewery Tour of Ireland slated for November 2005 is a 5 day guided tour highlighting drinking establishments of Ireland. I am not a fan of guided tours (usually overpriced, restrictive, what if everyone on your bus is crazy, etc.) however, I think the type of people that would go on this trip, and the style, would totally agree with me.

AND it's not expensive - $499 land only (hotel, bus, a few meals) or $799 including RT from Boston. Since no one lives in Boston, you'd want to go w/ the land only and I would be AMAZED if I could find airfare from MSP for $300 inc. taxes in November but even still, I think this is a good deal. (FYI - fares are riding around $600 from MSP for these dates but would drop closer to travel dates.)

What do you think?


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