Monday, May 09, 2005

Yeah... computer

I have a new computer. From Best Buy. I hate Best Buy. Reason being this: After getting amazingly good help from Michael A. in Roseville's store, I dropped off the computer to the Geek Squad and was told it'd be 45 minutes to rev up all the anti-virus and anti-spy stuff my dad wanted to add to it. I came back an hour and a half later to "quick" pickup my computer but no, Mr. Geek Squad guy had to F up my good experience.

Mr. Geek was working with a customer, and informed him he had to "go in the back to try to sort everything out. That sounded like a long process so I approached him, and said, "I'm just picking up my laptop - can you help me with that?" His reply - "Ma'am, I'll be with you in a minute". I could see my laptop sitting behind the counter, all done and ready to go home with me.

Mr. Geek then disappears in the back room. I approach 2 other people who "can't" help me. Mr. Geek comes back from the back and resumes dealing with other customers. I try to ask another customer service person if they can help me and Mr. Geek interrupts me and says "Ma'am, I'll help you soon".

At the end of all this, 20 min later, Mr. Geek helps me - when I explain what I'm doing (picking up a laptop - transaction time total = less than 2 minutes) he says to me "Ooh - that's all you needed?" Like I hadn't said it 4 times before. So damn annoying.

I hate Best Buy.


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