Wednesday, June 01, 2005

And it all comes together...

Thanks to the insight Star Magazine has given me, the whole Cruise - Holmes relationship is starting to make more sense. Here's the deal-e-o:

Did you know that 2 years ago Katie Holmes proclaimed that she'd stay a virgin till she got married? That was about the time that her and Chris Klein got engaged (she broke it off this spring). So, she serves as the perfect beard - she's not looking to do it with Mr. Cruise. Too convenient...

Insight #2 from Star: a Tom Cruise quote - "You know, sex means something to me. When I'm with a woman, I feel that. It just means something. I want that, ya know?" - Tom Cruise wants everyone to know he takes sex very seriously, ok?

This overt "I like sex with ladies" quote is just too over the top to be believable. Mr. Cruise, you are a liar - you like boys. You aren't even good at pretending you like girls.


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