Thursday, June 09, 2005

How do you want your Harry Potter?

I've been debating book 6's release into the world on July 16. I've never bought a book the day it came out before, but am starting to debate it for this book. But, what's the best way to get it? Pre-order through an online service so it's mailed to you? Just raid the local Barnes and Noble at midnight on the 16th? I think the best option I've seen so far is at Target - you "pre-buy" the book and then it's held for you at Target for a week or so after the release and it has your name on it to pick up. Good idea, but I still think it may be a bumblefuck when I would show up to pick up my copy, especially at a ghetto Target (ghetto = I can win the "blonde" game 9/10 times there - includes Boston's South Bay Target and the Lake Street Target off of 55).

What's your plan for getting your fingers on HP6 asap?


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