Thursday, June 16, 2005

I concur

The U's Regents voted to dissolve General College yesterday. I say yeah.

This was controvercial move - many on campus in May/June were wearing YES for GC buttons, and were firm supporters of keeping GC because cutting it meant cutting off access to the University for those from diverse backgrounds. While this could be true, I firmly believe the U is not supposed to be the place for everyone - if it was, it would be a lower caliber school, and that would cheapen its degrees.

There are many, many community colleges and other state schools where everyone can attend in order to get higher education - the U doesn't have to be that place for everyone. How many other state universities are supposed to be letting everybody in? Not Michigan, or Penn State, or many others...

Plus, the more out of state students we can attract at out of state tuition rates, the more $ the U collects so maybe instate tuition won't go up quite as much. And I'm pretty sure nobody is coming from out of state to attend GC. Except maybe a few athletes.


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