Wednesday, June 22, 2005

John's exciting day

Warning - don't read this if you're eating. It's gross...

John emailed me a few weeks ago with this story of his day. It's a crazy story...

I packed the job yesterday and Matt came over and dropped some more materials off. Later he commented on the wierd smell in the building. I sort of noticed it but I just figured it was a wierd funk in the building.
So when we finished craning the pieces out (5th story building, needed a crane to take stuff out of the apt), a cop pulled up. He talked to a young Asian girl who was crying out front. He then came up to me and asked me to move all the stuff from the front of the building ASAP.
Firetrucks and ambulances showed up. The funk from the building started wafting outside and we realized what was going on. It has been around 85 here for the last four or five days, so the heat started doing a nasty number on the dead body in the basement of the building. Yup, looks like the Asian girls ex-boyfriend committed suicide a little while ago and the body was decomposing in his basement apartment. We waited outside for 4 hours while the coroner, EMTs and medical examiners dealt with the mess.
Finally they let us back in. I made it two steps into the building and turned around. I ran back to the truck and started puking... I couldn't handle it. It was nastiest smelling shit ever.

Crazy story, eh?


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