Saturday, June 18, 2005

McDonalds v. Wal-Mart. Bring it.

I feel like Mickey Ds is trying to pull a Wal-Mart and take over the world. My reason? Red Box. A wholly owned subsidiary of McDonalds that is offering the complete entertainment experience. Stop into your local McDonalds, pick-up a DVD, pay just $1 per day you rent it. Return at any other Red Box location. If you keep it 25 days, you're charged $25 over the course of those days for the rental and it's yours to keep. Going with the "no late fees" theme.

It's not the worst idea, not the best. I think years ago they used to have these types of video rental boxes in malls - I never used them but I feel like they existed for a short time but died because no one used them. Good for McDonalds - more traffic in their restauraunts. Will it succeed? We'll see...

PS Let me make it clear - this doesn't even come close to comparing to Netflix. Their selection is painfully small, and let me repeat - if you don't get your ass off the couch to return the video, there is a charge. I'll take Netflix any day.


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