Wednesday, June 15, 2005

More explaination needed

Bejota linked on his linkblog to this website, but didn't really comment on it. I feel that a little rant about it is necessary, considering how F-ed up the content is... Seriously, I can't believe that there are people that agree with these people, or that people actually have these opinions. It blows my mind sometimes... One of my favorites: There's no need to practice environmentalism - the second coming is near. Hello, crazy.

I would like each of them, who claim to be religious and then talk about how AIDS is good because it kills the sinners, and how men should control women so women wouldn't have to vote (that quote from a member of HER state's legislature) and that sex education and contraception are both awful and should be outlawed, to take a little History of Jesus class and think about their opinions. Jesus hung out with prostitutes and tax collectors (the corporate scandalists of the day) and did not want them removed from humankind - I think America's right should think about this for a while. I am a liberal - I admit it (don't tell Grandma).


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