Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Quick updates before my minutes run out

I have 8 minutes left on my computer, I'll try to make this quick...

Yesterday, we did a canal tour of the city. Similar to the one I took in Amsterdam but here got to see the new Opera House paid for my the oil company Mærsk. It's new 02 I think and pretty. Goes in line with the Marble Church, Amielberg Castle, Fountain, then the Opera House. Lookin good.

Did a mini+shopping trip on Strøget, then took time to shop for gummies. Haribo is based here, and you can literally get Pirate gummies, Palm Tree gummies, the Matador gummie mix (who knows what that is) and something labled the Larve gummies that look like larve worms. Good times.

Had a nice dinner in a French restaurant on a square off of Strøget. The rest of the team headed to bed early but I took time in the reception-breakfast area of our hotel to plan out the schedule for today. It was fun + I had 6 books and 3 maps and a few brochures to work with.

Today, we had a firm schedule but left pleanty of flex time for when we got tired. Headed to the Restistance Museum, that showcases the story of the Danes resisting German occupation during WWII - it was one of my top 5 museums during my last trip to Europe so I thouroughly enjoyed it. However, last time I was here I took 2 hours to view it, the team today only took 45 minutes - I learned they don't like to read much. Whatever.

We saw the Amieleberg Castle, current residence of the Royals here in Copenhagen. It was a little kitchy and full of tschockes (sp?) but was fun. Then visited the Marble church, then saw the changing of the guard. A little lame but apparently it's more exciting outside of summer when the queen is in residence in the city.

Grabbed some smørbord (sandwiches) at the cheap place recommended by Rick Steves, then headed to the park to eat them. There are seriously so many cute babies here, it's ridiculous. And apparently everybody gets mucho time off when their baby is born because lots of moms and dads and not nanny looking people were pushing trams of babies. Yesterday, we saw a nanny who had a row of 4 babies in her big tram, all in hats. It was cute.

Toured the Rosenberg castle, it was a top pick by Rick Steves and was nice. Crown jewels in the basement, too (that sounds dirty). Got yelled at by a guard for basically being loud Americans. He told my aunt ''Just like everyone else here, you need to be quiet''. We were not horribly offended, thank goodness. I thought he might get yelled at for shushing us but it didnøt happen. Then went home for naps, and headed to dinner late tonight so we could catch Tivoli tonight.

Had dinner at Nyhavn, the row of pretty houses by the canal. I remember an afternoon of mucho beers and chatting with Marc and Alicia there. We instead had fancy dinner and no beers. However, at Tivoli we had Sangria (Jeanne and Grandma), Rose (mom) and a ''big beer'' for me. They were as confused by Tivoli as I was when I first went there but quickly figured out how cool it is. For those of you who haven't been to Køvenhavn, it's basically an amusement park social event with 150,000 lights all over the place. It's for those ages 1-99, and we saw many at both sides of the spectrum.

It's very fun to people watch, grab a bite, buy stuff (I snagged coasters) and just chill. I was thinking that if American had more fun, family things like Tivoli to do, maybe we wouldn't be glued to the television? Perhaps. Stayed there long enough for it to get dark enough to enjoy the lights, and then they headed home. I'm about done internetting (obviously went over my 8 minutes, oops, just 10 more kroner aka play money).

Tomorrow is a big day. Day 1 of 4 of us renting a car. Tomorrow, we're just staying close, about 45 miles north there are 2 castles, one of them the play Hamlet was based upon. Should be fun. Ooh, and lucky me, they found 2 quilt shops along the way we get to stop at and shop. Yippee.

Traveling with this team is great, but a slightly different experience than when Mr. Marc and Alicia and Michael (was that his name?) were my companions. I'm just saying there are frowns when I order more than 1 beer a day. Lo siento, chicas.


At June 29, 2005 4:44 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

Oh...I am so jealous. I miss Nyhavn and Tivoli and Strogt. What a great city!

I don't know how my memory is better than yours, but Michael didn't come to Copenhagen with us ...and if I remember correctly, consuming multiple beers (sometimes before 10 am at the Carlsberg brewery) was not only tolerated, but recommended. I'm also assuming the phrase "big nipples" has not come up in dinner conversation.

At June 29, 2005 4:46 PM, Blogger Alicia said...

PS - You have my empathy on the quilt shopping. Is there any place on earth they don't sale quilts? That's where we and our moms need to vacation.


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