Sunday, July 24, 2005

I apologize

After talking about blogging for a quick minute last night at Damon's BBQ, I decided to blog about the last couple of fun days I've had. I just realized I haven't blogged since Monday.

I'm sorry.

I really mean it - I knew I hadn't blogged for a couple of days but I was thinking maybe Tues or Wed. That's crazy. My bad.

I'll make up for it in the next few days. Coming soon:
Rockstars of the week
Pictures from Europe
Tales from the STL boys and girl trip to Minnesota


At July 24, 2005 8:22 PM, Anonymous Mom said...

We were starting to wonder what you were doing! Job hunting? Working part-time? Laying out in the hot sun?? Reading Harry Potter 6? Glad to see you're back.

At July 24, 2005 11:06 PM, Blogger Laura said...

A short explaination... I'm only on p128 of HP so that's not been filling my time. I did work 20 hours this week, and had I think 2 in person interviews and 2 on the phone... And I signed up to work for Purina, which was a decent amount of work... I boated on Friday with Damon, but otherwise no sun time. That's the short story of my week.


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