Tuesday, July 26, 2005

REWARD for missing portfolio

How I lost my interviewing portfolio is beyond me. Fri am, 10:15 I entered a meeting with my recruiter. I had the folder. Sunday afternoon it was lost and gone forever. In those 2 days, I was in my car, my apartment, Alicia's car, and at Great Lakes working. Have checked all these places, it's not anywhere. Also Damon's house and boat but for the love of god if I lost it at a drinking BBQ or waterskiing I'm just an idiot. What the f happened to it?

Here's what I'd include in a police report:
Maroon folder, appx. value $10. Bought in 1998. Containing a load of business cards and interview notes. Missing since Fri 7/22 am. Reward is negotiable - tell me what you want.

UPDATE: As of 8/1/05, it's still missing. F-ing portfolio.

UPDATE: Yesterday (August 7), I found my folder. Yipee. Stuffed between my bed and my couch - must've fallen off my bed which I sometimes use as a shelf (you have to improvise in a studio). Hmm, not completely unlike a certain Kerry Keyes being stuffed between a bed and a wall in a certain Dan Hansen's bedroom.


At July 26, 2005 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Did you happen to ask Don Rickles if he saw it on his boat?


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