Monday, July 25, 2005

This sums it up

I'm pretty sure I've blogged about this topic before, but once more isn't too much because the reciprocity between WI and MN is f-ed up. Like laws that you can't drink tomato juice in Ohio on Sundays - weird laws from 1848 that don't make any sense.

Please note the fact that when WI and MN try to "settle the books" at the end of the year, the money WI owes MN is paid by the state, not the student, and goes into the MN general fund, not to the University. Who makes up this shit? Crazy people.

UPDATE: After spending a weekend with friends that are UofM alumni but essentially pledged alliance to the Badgers because they're Wisconsin natives and the Badgers have an outdoor stadium, I have decided 2 things:

a) The Gophers REALLY need a new stadium.
b) To make up for getting cheaper tuition than me, Wisconsin natives should be required to make up for it by being SUPER SUPER SUPER good and loyal Gopher sports fans. And go to more than just football games. This should be an enforced University rule.


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