Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Canada = more vacations and no W? Let's move?

A few interesting stats about how much we work - on average the number of hours worked by country:

United States: 1824 hours per year = 45.6 weeks
Australia: 1816 hours per year = 45.4 weeks
Spain: 1799 hours per year = 45 weeks
Japan: 1789 hours per year = 44.7 weeks
Canada: 1751 hours per year = 43.8 weeks
Great Britain: 1669 hours per year = 41.7 weeks
Italy: 1585 hours per year = 39.6 weeks
Germany: 1443 hours per year = 36.1 weeks
France: 1441 hours per year = 36 weeks
Netherlands: 1357 hours per year = 33.9 weeks

I think it's weird the US is higher than Japan (although they must get vaca days to travel Europe and take 1.8 billion pictures annually) but perhaps more strange is how high Spain ranked.

Somewhat similar, the number of days of vacation you start with by country:

France: 39 days
Germany: 27 days
Netherlands: 25 days
Great Britain: 23 days
Canada: 20 days
United States: 12 days

Also in the Career Builder article about vacation days - profiles of how many vacation days people lose each year because they fail to take them. That, my dears, is pure insanity. Take your damn vacations, people.


At October 18, 2005 1:57 PM, Blogger Della said...

Check out what the stats are in Switzerland, I thought the standard of living was pretty great there too, plus all that fabulous chocolate and Rolexes! By the way, You owe me a buck- it's CellularOne and an Audiovox 8900, but equally as crappy. Just donate my buck to your local bum and tell him to buy a cheeseburger.

At December 26, 2007 6:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

well...I must say there are a lot of topics, here. Japanese people, for example, don't have many vacation days. Actually, they just have like a week or so. And they do work really hard. Even on sundays. Oh, and the fact that WE, Spanish people, like to enjoy our lifes doesn't mean that we don't work. Especially in Catalonia, where I am from, as we are known for being really hard workers (probably europe is too far from you to know that...? or is just easier to talk about the others just following the so-heard topics...?). Actually, I work from 9-14 and then again from 16-21, so what really amazes me is to see that the usa are so high in the list. Who did that ranking...? was it an american enterprise...?


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