Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Gone and back

I may have failed to mention I've been to Indianapolis and back in the past two days... I flew in Monday afternoon to meet with an account I work with there, and then left at noon on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I've driven through twice on roadtrips so it didn't get a pin for being a new state :( Highlights:
  • I had a yummy steak that came with soup and salad and potato and it was $12. And not Best Steak House scary.
  • The cool part of town is Broad Ripple. I got a driving tour and a promise that next time I'm there, I'll get taken to eat soul food.
  • Their airport is surprisingly ok - not top 5 but ok. The annoying 40 minute flight to my layover in Chicago, however, is quite annoying.

I got to go w/ Julie and Brandon and friends to see Ben Folds last night. They got front row, stage right standing room - my none of my own volition (correct use of the word?) I joined them there. Fun, even though I was tired from my whirl-wind travel schedule.

As a heads up to my mom and others - I'm in St. Louis Mon-Wed next week. Not in Mpls, Alicia.


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