Sunday, October 09, 2005

Not happy

I came home on Friday night only to find that my internet wasn't working. No problem, I'll deal w/ it on Saturday. We yesterday came and went, highlighted by viewing the game at BW3 in HarMar and seeing the Gophers amazing come out with a win. I don't mean that in a bad way, but it's always such a pleasant surprise when we pull out a win - especially against an opponent we haven't beat since, oh, 1986. Then we go and win, on the road, when they're ranked. The Gophs know when to pull it out.

So today is Sunday. I want my internet to work. But, alas, it's a no go. It seems as though the modem is taking in the connection, and I'm now at Dunn Bros so it shouldn't be a problem with my computer. Which brings me back to the router being the issue, I'm almost certain of that. Unfortunately, I feel like their help line will only be helpful during business hours - I'm coincidentally not home during business hours - especially this week when I'm headed (back) to Milwaukee Monday-Thursday for work. I guess it's just something to deal w/ Thursday night.


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