Thursday, October 27, 2005

On a scale of one to trailer, you live in a trailer

A few names I've seen recently that irk me: Heavenly Angel, Alexander Spike, and Candice. The first two are names from random baby announcements - I can't imagine what would make me think it was ok to give a small, helpless baby either of those names. The conversation about the latter:

Him: "Can his middle name be Spike?"
Her: "No."
Him: "I really want his middle name to be Spike - it'll be cool and it's just his middle name, not his first name. It's not like I'd name him Spike Alexander."
Her: "Oh. Okay."


God knows (no pun intended) I don't need to give the reasons why Heavenly Angel is right up there on worst name ever.

As for Candice, I saw a woman getting on 94 this morning with her Wal-Mart nametag hanging (along with a number of mardi gras beads?) from her rear view mirror. Nametag read: Candice.

#1 Who works at Wal-Mart that lives in Uptown - and it was the Eagan Wal-Mart b/c we ended up on the road next to each other again on 13...
#2 If you're going to name your baby this name, at least spell it right (Candace).


At October 27, 2005 6:14 PM, Anonymous Anita said...

Or the name one of your classmates gave her fourth child: Heaven Leigh...say it altogether now! HeavenLeigh. Where are the hospital's name police?


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