Sunday, October 16, 2005


To do: Watch Chapelle's Show, Season 2, disk 2 and An Evening with Kevin Smith, disk 2. In these two DVDs, there are 2 stories about Prince. In Chappelle's, Charlie Murphy tells of his pickup basketball game with Prince and his crew. Kevin Smith basically tells his person experience with Prince being absolutely nuts. Seriously, the picture these stories put together about Prince make me wish I could be a fly on his wall, even though that would require me to go to Chanhassen...

UPDATE: News that Prince needs surgery from wearing high heeled shoes too much only makes these two items MORE must see DVDs. I know Kevin Smith talks about Prince's love of high heels (and is not able to convince Prince to switch to sneakers), I feel like Charlie Murphy may have also mentioned Prince's footwear. Must see, asap.


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