Monday, October 24, 2005

Red state #2

I'm in my second red state in the last 3 days - Sat I was in Missouri, right now I'm in Indiana. Home of "we're too cool for daylight savings time which makes time really f-ed up and confusing here". Awesome.

I haven't posted any pix from STL b/c I have to install software and use a cable to get pix from SD card to computer and it's at home so it's not set-up. Soon, promise.

I will, however, give a few highlights of stories from St. Louis:

* Thursday night we went to Fast Eddie's just over the border in Alton, IL (getting a pin on my map but that's another story). Fast Eddie's was "Originally opened as an Anheuser-Busch bar in 1921, Eddie Scholar bought the tavern in 1981 and turned it into one of the most beloved and successful bars in St. Louis history." It was reminiscent of Lee's Liqour Lounge in Mpls - good times. Highlight = the beer tenderloin kabobs w/ green pepper - even if Flores did throw his on the floor.

* After that,we headed out to see Johnny Rocket's band at a strip mall bar. It's true - bar in a strip mall that has live bands performing. Apparently, Matt is the BEST FAN EVER of Johnny Rockets even if they have a new lead singer who sucks. I have a pix of him to post at some point.

* Friday - I got done w/ work early and hooked up w/ Matt, Damon, and Katie to visit the Arch. Good times, even though we didn't have time to see the kick ass movie (that I've watched on the Discovery Channel) but we did take the ride in a little alien type "pod" to the top to look at how cool St. Louis is, and how much the Illinois side of the river sucks. Good times.

* Friday night -we got to join Juice's table for a Trivia fundraiser for his club soccer team. Table of 8, $20 a head, we played trivia and drank Bud/Bud Light beer for 3 hours and went against 25ish other teams. Unfortunately, the trivia was lame-ish (What percentage of blondes dye their hair and are not natural blondes - 33% - we went w/ 95% -- More feminine characters from fairy tales have this color hair than any other - we went w/ black, it was actually blonde). Damn multiple choice f-ing trivia. Good times ensured anyway, including fun w/ unopened sausage and opened sausage used to slap people on side bets. Best takeaway -- the head/tails game. It ROCKS and we're taking it back to Mpls as much as humanly possible.

* After trivia, we went out to South City bars (I hope I got that right). We hit up 3 bars between 11:30ish and 2:30ish and overall had a good time. I'm still not sure why the third bar we went to (I don't remember the name, surprise) is supposedly Matt's favorite but it was fun, I'll agree. Over my week in St.L, I started to LOVE Bud Select (thanks Jenny/Jen/Jennifer).

I'll be back in St. Louis a week from today, we'll see if there's more stories to report then.


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