Tuesday, March 07, 2006

How I Met Your Mother

I'm was excited to learn that How I Met Your Mother will return next season - CBS ordered a whole year of it! The show I watch as a lead in, King of Queens, is still debatable - basically if Elaine from Seinfeld can't pull off a sitcom where she's a single mother, King of Queens is in. She's screwed up all the shows she's tried since Seinfeld ended, so my hopes are high.

Since I'm looking back at my blog and not finding that I've raved for How I Met Your Mother before, let this be it: I LOVE this show! Barney, played by NPH, makes it a must watch - if you saw him in Harold and Kumar go to White Castle you know what I'm talking about.

The whole show is just funny, has a good plot, and (similar to the Four Kings show on NBC's Th night lineup) they say things people actually say in real life. Monday nights at 7:30 CT - make it a priority to watch - you haven't missed so much that you'll be clueless and if you're confused, I can fill you in - I've seen all but one episode this season.

PS Did you know the actor that plays Ted started in the Graduate on Broadway with Kathleen Turner? I wonder if he also was in the London show we saw since Kathleen Turner was in that show... Hmmm, lucky I save ALL my programs from shows :)


At March 07, 2006 2:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lady -

i TOTALLY agree. im sort of embarrassed to admit, but i really like this show. and i also TOTALLY know what you are talking about NPH and Harold and Kumar. FANTASTICALLY funny movie and he totally makes the whole flick. my fave part is when he is snorting coke off of a stripper's back out the sunroof of harold's camry. TOO FUNNY (can i say "snort coke off of a stripper's back" on your blog? guess we'll find out.)

i would also like to comment that HIMYM is MUCH better than 4 kings. here is the problem with 4 kings. they try to make it like a guy version of SATC. but they arent really appealing to anyone. girls wont watch it because they play basketball too much. guys wont watch it because they talk about girls and relationships on the basketball court - an obvious violation of guy code and the purpose of playing basketball.

am i thinking of the right show? they are all starting to seem the same to me...


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