Sunday, March 12, 2006

I miss college

I came across this guy's blog and have been reading it for probably 30 minutes now. He's a Hoosier (as in goes it IU, not that he's WT) and blogs very funny things. I'm excited for his spring break summary which should be posted soon...

My biggest takeaway from his blog was the "Golf Pros and Tennis Hos" party that he attended last month. I didn't realize you could view people's evites, but here's the evite for the college party. He has lots of pix from the party, and the idea of this being a theme for a party piques my interest. I feel like this theme could be effectively implemented for a HS spirit week and looks like it worked quite well for a keg party.

If I ever live in a home with more than one room maybe this could be a party I could have.


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