Saturday, March 25, 2006

It's like I'm from Tennessee

I've been very volunteer-y lately - as evidenced from my query for a volunteer buddy for the Mpls library grand opening. Now, volunteer opportunity at a library #2 - I noticed a request for volunteers at the Roseville Library and checked into it - the volunteer coordinator indicated this:

I am looking for volunteers to sign up for 2-hour shifts at any of our 7 libraries in order to distribute surveys regarding cell phones and pencils, and then be around the box in which the completed surveys are collected. You could choose which library to help in, if your preference is day, evening, or weekend, or if you were interested in doing more than one shift or more than one library. The surveys will be distributed any time during April, 2006.

I'm signed up for one two-hour session on an April Wednesday after work - I'll bet $1 the night I'm scheduled will turn out to be super busy and I won't feel like doing it but I will. Plus, the volunteer coordinator asked for my address so they can properly thank me! I like that! I bet it's a bookmark.

I didn't find info on the website of the Ramsey Co Library, but I can forward you the contact info if you also want to help the library.


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