Monday, March 13, 2006

Museum dates

Let's be serious, I could just email Alicia about this because I'll put $1 on her going with me to both. But in the spirit of sharing, I'll see if anyone aside from my go-to friend is interested in the following:

Some Assembly Required: Contemporary Prefabricated Houses at the Walker through March 26
Today’s prefab movement has captured the spirit and imagination of a new generation of architects and home buyers, who together have championed a variety of modern modular dwellings that challenge preconceptions about “prefab” homes as cheap, cookie-cutter structures of last resort. This exhibition presents a variety of approaches to prefab—from houses owners can build from a kit of parts, such as Rocio Romero’s LVL House, to those that arrive fully assembled like the diminutive one-room version of weeHouse by St. Paul-based Alchemy Architects.

HOME House Project:The Future of Affordable Housing at the Weisman through April 30
Centered on the critical issue of affordable housing, the HOME House Project features award-winning architectural designs for affordable single-family homes from a competition organized by the Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The exhibition showcases one hundred innovative design approaches that use sustainable materials, technologies, and methods. Local affordable housing efforts are highlighted in drawings, scale models, and building sections.


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