Thursday, April 13, 2006

Dear Dunn Bros,

I couldn't have been more disappointed when I drove by your Lyndale/Franklin location last week and saw that it had been abruptly closed. When I called you to ask about it, I appreciated Skip's reaction, but wished more of an explaination than "the franchise decided to shut down". I dismissed your suggestion to try the Lake/Bryant location, complaining that it wasn't 3 blocks from my house.

However, yesterday I spent 4 hours in the Lake/Bryant location and am VERY impressed. It has a parking lot, seating at tables for 35, armchair seating for another 8 a fireplace, and... (drumroll please) is open until 11pm. Yipee! A coffee shop actually open past 9pm in Uptown that's not dirty and gross.

I also noticed you have a "book store" - same concept as the penny bowl by cash registers - if you need a book, take one. If you have one you don't need, just drop it off to share with someone else. LOVE IT.

On top of all of this are the obvious strengths of Dunn Bros, namely, free wi-fi, yummy coffee, and a punchcard that gives you 1/2 off your drink after you buy 5. Now if you just get some outdoor seating ala 34th/Hennepin location you'll be the bomb diggity.


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